150 Rounds API ( 1 can ) $337.50

$380.00 $337.50

150 Rounds Armor Piercing Incendiary.
Comes with Ammo Can.



150 Rounds Armor Piercing Incendiary ( API ) 150 Rounds W/Ammo can.

Factory manufactured with lake city brass! 2800 FPS ( Toned down from milspec for less wear and tear on barrel ) This ammunition was dimensionally sized for match grade chambers, therefore it will function in any firearm chambered for .50 BMG. This is some of the best ammo ever made. If your not happy with your purchase we will refund your money no questions asked.

Accurate premium target ammunition for standard and match chamber bolt action rifles and 50 cal Browning Machine Gun. Manufactured to military spec. using military projectiles, new powder and recently manufactured military brass.

Charles Gossett